Giving Your Community The Credit It Deserves

HullCoin is the world’s first Community Loyalty Point. Earn HullCoin by getting involved in great things in your community, spend HullCoin by accessing discounts with local retailers. Register above if you are a community organisation that would like to issue HullCoin, someone that would like to use HullCoin or if you are a retailer interested in accepting HullCoin as a form of discount.

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For media and other enquiries – email [email protected]


  • 1

    Earn COIN

    Anyone can open a HullCoin Wallet and start using HullCoin. Search activities to earn HullCoin, find discounted goods and services to spend HullCoin.
  • 2

    Give COIN

    If you are an organisation doing great things in the community you can give people HullCoin. Register today for your Coin Bundle and start giving HullCoin today.
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    Accept COIN

    If you are a business and want new customers, increased trade and also show your commitment to Hull. Register here to advertise your goods and services and start accepting HullCoin.
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    Send COIN

    You can gift HullCoin to family and friends or donate HullCoin to a charity in the city. Learn more here


“If it is as good as it looks, it can't happen fast enough for me. I would do something this weekend if I could do.” - John, HullCoin User

“We're 100% behind it. HullCoin completely fits in with our ethos.” - Paul, MaxLife Youth Project,

“I'm introducing new clients to my business. That suits me. I see it as paying forward, doing something extra for my city.” - Darran, Esquire Salon, Retailer